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Financial Advice & Implementation

A thorough analysis of the situation combined with rapid implementation of tactical changes, comes more quickly from experienced leaders.  Proven techniques employed by a veteran McSHANE consultant can help an organization turn the corner and ‘get back on its feet’.  Even if the situation seems desperate, asset values can be enhanced and greater value created for the stakeholders.   Decision path

Profit Enhancement  

We evaluate operations for unique or elusive profit opportunities that stretch management’s limitations. Often, we uncover product line opportunities, hidden cost factors, market opportunity, or obsolete pricing.  Decisions to change product lines, pricing, promotions, or channels are not easy, yet short term tactics can buy time while new market strategies get traction.      

Cost Reduction

It is often easier for an objective, experienced pro to identify cost reduction options for managers.  We also implement those cost reductions, when needed.  Sometimes expense reductions aren’t optional if an entity is to survive; however, it is always important how one implements change for it to be accepted and effective.

Cash Flow Improvement

Historical revenue, cost, and cash flow analysis typically reveals trends and opportunity.  Thorough analysis of history, combined with organizational insight, are key to implementation of improvements.  We recommend new paths for management’s focus to achieve improvements.  Veteran consultants help organizations evolve with our combination of teaching, training, and coaching towards the new paths.  

Lender Opportunity

If a client has debt concerns, McSHANE will reduce risk with new vision, cost reductions, potential revenue opportunities, judicious asset reductions, and solid cash flow forecasts.  McSHANE is prepared to seek practical solutions for all parties.  We focus on workable solutions fitting the client’s capacity and market position.  We often find that our independent role and objectivity improves communications with all the stakeholders.

Strategic Planning 

We help leaders and their teams create, vet, and implement a comprehensive business plan.  From the big picture to tactical details, we have experience assimilating the many parts into a cohesive plan that is workable. Planning is critically important for any organization that needs to guide its destiny.

Due Diligence                

McSHANE is exceptional with due diligence analysis for equity investors, lenders or attorneys.  Due diligence comes naturally to us because it is a portion of most engagements;  and  experience leads us to focus first on strategic issues, subsequently digging into the many details.  Over time, we have groomed our due diligence checklist to cover strategic, operational, market, and legal questions.  

We review financial and management reports over some historical period.  Special reports may then  answer the specific questions raised.  Other sources of valuable information are detailed manager and employee interviews.  Often, we affirm an anticipated degree of risk in the enterprise, supporting the plan of action.  However, some discoveries reveal a lower than expected value for the enterprise.  It is imperative that the new team understands risks and are well prepared, prior to closing.

McSHANE has no vested interests, high personal integrity, and no bonus predicated on the transaction’s completion, so you are assured of gaining professional, strategic, and objective information that covers legal risks, rather than relying on a legal/financial team missing the strategic fulcrum. 





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