Corporate Renewal Services


McSHANE GROUP understands the increasing complexity of today’s business environment.  Industry transformation is occurring at an accelerating rate forcing change that can be uncomfortable and difficult.  Our value is the immediate impact of focused energy and third party objectivity.   McSHANE professionals combine this power with extensive transitional and crisis management experience to support your executive team.  When time is critical, McSHANE consultants work with you to move quickly through the process of restructuring and realigning corporate resources.

Through the course of engagement we become intimately familiar with our client’s plans and needs.  Our skills are tuned to evaluate all facets of their business to uncover the source of difficulties, not just symptoms.  We formulate strategies tailored specifically to your company, market opportunities, and limited resources.  Our objective is to be the catalyst for change to improve profitability and cash flow as the window to sustainability.

McSHANE can help you identify and enlist the support of critical partners to a successful turnaround. We will work to convince them of the mutual benefit of cooperation in supporting the business through its transition.  McSHANE has built a reputation for quality and integrity.  Our presence lends credibility to your commitment to corporate renewal and provides comfort to interested parties that your plans are achievable.

If desired, McSHANE consultants will provide leadership roles in implementing strategic and cultural changes required to make your business successful.  We can engage directly with creditors, customers, shareholders and employees to enlist their support.  If needed, we can take responsibility for crucial but unpopular decisions that might impair future relationships with these trading and business partners.



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At McSHANE GROUP we believe that targeted results are what count.  We will render an accurate, impartial and confidential evaluation of your company to present you with realistic options.  McSHANE consultants will then work with your executive team to help successfully implement the adopted strategies.  A senior member of our team with direct or related industry experience will lead your engagement.  Our focus is on revitalizing your business and rebuilding its value. We will be more committed to your team’s success than anyone.



“Our skills are tuned to uncover the sources of business turmoil, not just the symptoms.”