Richard D. Montgomery, MS, PhD

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 Dick Montgomery

Dick joined McShane Group in 1992, bringing more than thirty years of successful operations and management experience, including fifteen years as CEO and COO of middle market and large corporate enterprises. Not only has he managed the startup of several growth companies, he has also strategically redirected and restructured acquisitions by several Fortune 500 companies.

Since joining McShane Group, Dick has taken two significant long-term positions. One was interim CEO of a high technology cleaning contractor, taking the company from inception to market, focusing the concept and identifying the target markets. The second interim CEO position was with the nation’s second largest medical waste processing facility. Floundering in a bankruptcy, Dick redesigned the logistics system and the customer service program, won political support to expand the tightly regulated market area and battled through a long and difficult contract negotiation with the facility’s collective bargaining unit.

Prior to joining McShane Group, Dick held senior management positions with Shell Chemical Company, Union Carbide Corporation, Kaiser Aluminum and U.S. Filter. He has directed and been resident manager of multiple enterprises in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Dick has served on the boards of ten companies and is currently Chairman of Phoenix Services, Inc. He is a thesis advisor at the Medical University of South Carolina and he holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and a M.S. in Engineering from the University of Michigan.


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