Generate… New sources of liquidity.        Improve… Operating cash flow.       Shoulder… Responsibility for decisions.        Enlist… Support of critical stakeholders.



At McSHANE GROUP we believe that targeted results are what count.  We will render an accurate, impartial and confidential evaluation of your company to present you with realistic options.  McSHANE consultants will then work with your executive team to help successfully implement the adopted strategies.  A senior member of our team with direct or related industry experience will lead your engagement.  Our focus is on revitalizing your business and rebuilding its value.  We will be more committed to your team’s success than anyone.

Strategic Business Realignments

Through the course of an engagement we become intimately familiar with each client’s company, employees, cost structure, strategy and customers.  Our skills are tuned to evaluate all facets of your business, to uncover the source of difficulties, not just the symptoms.  We then formulate turnaround strategies tailored specifically for your company and circumstances.  Our objective is to be the catalyst for change to improve long-term profitability and cash flow.  If desired, McSHANE GROUP consultants are able to take a leadership role in implementing the strategic and cultural changes required to make your business successful.  We are prepared to engage directly with creditors, customers, shareholders and employees to enlist their support.  When necessary, we will take responsibility for crucial but potentially unpopular decisions that might otherwise impair relationships with your trading and business partners.

Financially Distressed Operations

McSHANE consultants understand the increasing complexity of today’s business environment.  Industry transformations occur at an accelerating rate, today, forcing changes that are difficult for teams.  One value is the immediate impact of McSHANE’s focused energy and third party objectivity.  McSHANE professionals combine this power with extensive transitional and crisis management experience to quickly support your executive team.  When time is critical, McSHANE consultants work with you to move swiftly through the process of change, restructuring, and realigning corporate resources.

McSHANE can help identify and enlist the support of critical partners to a successful turnaround.  We will work to convince them of the mutual benefit of cooperation in supporting your business through transition.  McSHANE has built a reputation for quality and integrity, so our presence lends credibility to your commitment to corporate renewal, and provides comfort to those parties that your plans are now achievable.






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Debt Restructuring

Long-term viability of a business is intricately linked to its financial foundation.   Cash shortages from improper financing can choke a business turnaround or stop a growth company in its tracks.  Our experience in negotiating new debt arrangements or restructurings with creditors often is the difference between a need for legal relief and a successful turnaround.  If discussions are strained with existing creditors, or your lender suffers deal “fatigue”, McSHANE’s extensive network of financial contacts will help us to locate replacement or supplemental capital.  Our professionals will work with you to strengthen and restructure your balance sheet.


Interim Management

It may be desirable to accelerate the change process in a business, to meet current goals.  It may be helpful to add new leadership, experienced in crisis situations, with some authority to develop and implement a turnaround plan.  This may be the most effective means of accelerating an organizational transition.  McSHANE advisors can help management find new paths to success, and marshal them through this process of intense attention to both strategy and operational details.  Sometimes, retaining a turnaround consultant as the senior operating executive or chief restructuring officer helps to create an environment conducive to rapid change unencumbered by entrenched thinking and practices.  Tactical and organizational changes frequently require difficult choices and unpopular decisions.  The use of an interim executive to initiate and hasten decisions helps permanent leaders to proceed untainted by residual negative feelings.

McSHANE consultants have assumed interim management roles in numerous crisis situations over 25 years.  We are familiar with the responsibilities involved in setting and achieving new requirements.  We often work as managerial support for senior managers, assisting them to shape their organization, as needed.  And, we have successfully guided troubled businesses outside of bankruptcy as a chief executive or restructuring officer.  On occasion, we lead a formal reorganization as an operating Receiver in state court or Trustee in Chapter 11.

Business Sales /Asset Dispositions

In select circumstances, the resources required for a successful restructuring are not available.  Maybe too many key managers have exited; industry conditions are insurmountable; creditors have lost patience; or needed cash is just not available from any source.  Situations such as these may lend themselves to an accelerated business sale.  McSHANE professionals have the commercial and institutional relationships to maximize the value of business assets, strategically.  We understand valuations, negotiation strategy, and how to manage the process.  If we were involved early as your advisor, we will have already assembled the data needed to build a favorable presentation.  Plus, we are able to rapidly identify potential acquirers and move them quickly through due diligence to closing, usually without the delay and expense of a court-approved sale.